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Four electronic experts are involved in production who mainly deal with the testing and implementation of the systems and 4 specialized workers whose duties concern the pth and smt assembly, the mechanical assemblies and the resin finishing.



The production of the systems presupposes the creation of the boxing of the previously tested cards, the progressive serialization on customer specifications and in some cases the connection to external users, for example transducers of quantities, cable reels, displays, keyboards and remote units in general.

Subsequently we proceed to the global test of the system in order to provide a finished product that incorporates the application firmware, therefore a product guaranteed by MAC2 that can be sold immediately without the addition of other processes.

Montaggi PTH

PTH montages

MAC2 supplies pth assemblies with lead free and lead tin finish using two IEMME wave soldering machines; specifically a LEPUS for the lead free and an ARIES for the sn\pb.

The ESD work area provides immunity from destructive electrostatic discharges.

The optical inspection is carried out by means of mantis viewers.

Manual rework and rework welding, with JBC stations.

Montaggi SMT

SMT montages

MAC2 supplies PCBs assembled in surface technology, also on full account.


The deposition of the solder paste is carried out using a fully automatic DEK 265 screen printing machine to guarantee process precision and repeatability.


Soldering takes place in an eight-zone reflow oven with forced air convection.



MAC2 has been involved in testing since the date of foundation or since 1995; in reality it was and is the core business together with the realization of the system as a finished product.


Internally, we have always done things independently and\or based on customer specifications,  to the creation of custom test benches to test the hardware resources.


In 2001, an ATE (automatic test equipement) automatic fixture test bench was implemented, which allows us to carry out automatic parametric and functional tests with extremely high reliability on medium-large production lots.


Systems are often thermally tested; we therefore carry out tests in a thermal chamber typically from - 20°c to + 70°c in order to highlight possible latent criticalities.

Ancora 1

Conformal Coating

Resin finishing is a very important aspect of production. The systems we produce find application in harsh environments, therefore there is a need to protect the electronics from attack by aggressive external agents.


Depending on the degree of insulation required, the resin can be performed by depositing a covering film on the electronics or by encapsulation; in this case the electronics are completely incorporated by the resin itself.

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